Saturday, August 4, 2007

Last Day In Oz

It's my last day in Australia and I'm so sad to be leaving. The weather is perfect- clear and warm, and I hugged kangaroos and canoes through canals of the Indian Ocean in Mandurah.

In preparation for my return to India I have eaten an absurd amount of good food today. It's 6pm and so far I've had:

Eggs, Australian Bacon & tea

Smoked Salmon, cream cheese, avocado & onion sandwich (closest thing to a real bagel with these ingredients I could find)

Blueberry Muffin & mocha

Cinnamon & Ginger Ice Cream cone

Australian Beer

I'm planning on having kangaroo for dinner at the revolving rooftop restaurant in downtown Perth so that whenever there is a conversation about the weirdest thing you've eaten, I can win :) I realize that today I was hugging kangaroos, and now I'm planning on eating one, but most people don't have trouble eating lamb, and if anyone has ever walked the downs on a spring day in Southern England and seen the cute little lambs with their mothers and then gone home for some lamb pie with a side of lamb pie, they'll agree that the stuff in the dinner was definitely not the cute little lambs (i.e. cute little kangaroos), but rather, evil man-eating lambs/kangaroos. This is the story, and I'm sticking to it.

I'll also post the American translation of my Australian Bedtime Story on Monday so that you can all have a go at translating it yourselves :) One clue- fluffy isn't a dog :)

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