Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Birthday In Oz

Me with my birthday pavlova
Just back from a 2 day trip down the west coast to Margaret River. I reckon (to use Australian-ese) it was pretty much as far south as you can go in the world without snow, and even though it's winter and it's been raining on and off, it's still about the temperature and climate of the California coast in the summer.
We stayed in a holiday house in a town called Dunsborogh with a wood fireplace, where I ate copiously, read Harry Potter by firelight (very atmospheric- and I'm savoring it, so I'm about the only person in the world who does not know the ending yet- and I'm enjoying it), and sat in the hot tub while it was about 50 degrees outside and raining.

We went wine tasting in Margaret River (mmmm-Australian shiraz is now indisputably my favorite), glimpsed the choppy deep blue ocean when the sun popped out between clouds, and went to possibly the only cave in a first world country where they allow 'self-guided tours.' There was an 'amphitheatre' in the cave with a high ceiling and stalactites coming out of the top where apparently Nellie Melba sang a concert because the acoustics are so good. I've had a cold with laryngitis, but did manage to squeak out the first line of 'Porgi Amor' without coughing. Tragic I couldn't sing more, but still the only time I'll probably ever sing opera in a cave (and the only time any of the other visitors will hear opera sung in a cave ;).

Now we're back in Perth and I only have 3 more days in Australia! It's not enough! Although, I may have already had enough red meat to hold me over until I get back to the States ;)
Don't want to be flogging a dead horse, mate, so I'll bog off now :)

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