Monday, August 6, 2007

Dreaming of the Land of Oz

The obligatory sign at Hillary's Harbor, reminding us exactly how far Perth is from everywhere else

My first day in Perth, from King's Park

Me and Jenny with my birthday pavlova

Enjoying Australian delicacies- 6 types of beer and a steak sandwich (or for those more upscal connoiseurs of haute brewery cuisine- 'seared steak panini ')

"Over the Rainbow in Oz" - Storms made the Margaret River wineries even more scenic than usual

Enjoying wine and cheese with Jenny, Adam, and Jenny's sister Beth at their holiday home in Dunsborough in front of a roaring fire

The longest jetty in Australia - we paid $5 each to walk 2 km out to the gated off end, and then walked two cold & windy km back

Sunset over tidepools of the Indian Ocean in Perth

Being a Pool Shark- I actually won 2 games out of complete luck (definitely not out of skill)

A joey sticks his head out of his mom's pouch to see what's going on- these are wild kangaroos who have taken up residence at a local memorial park

Saying hello to the wild kangaroos

Overlooking the white sand beaches and azure waters of the Indian Ocean at Rottnest Island off the coast of Perth

Deserted Beach at Rottnest Island

Horizontal rock climbing at the deserted beach

Another deserted white sand beach at Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island Lighthouse

Adam and Jenny in our preferred mode of transportation at Rottnest Island - motorized vehicles aren't allowed

Shaking hands with a kangaroo

Canoeing in the canals of the Indian Ocean at Mandurah

My final haute cuisine dinner - Crocodile (covered in pesto on a piece of pineapple), Kangaroo (rare, with a side of sour cream) & Crayfish (with a side of high school dissection flashbacks)

MMMM- Crocodile - Tastes like tough chicken

Adam, Jenny, Dave & Me at my last dinner at the restaurant at the top of a skyscraper in Perth

Eating Singapore noodles in Singapore with chopsticks at a hawker place with ex-Hyderabad expat, Joel

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