Monday, August 13, 2007

Baroda, Gujarat

The entrance to the Maharani Girls School

Today's common transportation to school - a far cry from when May was in Baroda

Girls play tag in the school yard

The only remaining structure from the original school - the wall

8 school girls pack into an autorickshaw at the end of the school day

School Girls see my camera and smash themselves against the window of the car for some last attention from their strange guest

Natural Gas powered rickshaws queue miles down the street for one of the few natural gas pumps in the city - I'm still not sure why they choose to drive the clean ones, but I think there must have been gov't incentives

Sad after we are not allowed to see the Maharaja

The arts faculty of the University of Baroda - one of the founders of the university was May's American roommate, Miss Strong

Monsoons and Oxen on the road

A camel draws a cart down the main road in Ahmedabad, a strange scene in this not-so-deserty place. Must be a cultural import from neighboring Rajastan.

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