Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Beautiful Munnar

Sunrise in the Western Ghats

'meditating' as the sun htis the top of far off mountains before sunrise

Stray banana trees mark the path to the cardamom plantation - only 1000 ft below tropical banana plantations flourish in the heat and humidity, but at this altitude the air is crisp and the tea can grow

Tea with tea growing in the background

I'm standing in a cardamom forest, these huge plants are used for the tiny seeds of the flowers that grow at their roots - in the US a few seeds can cost $10, in India you can get a 1 kilo bag for 1000 rupees - about $25

Our cardamom walk ends at the tea planatations

An auto-rickshaw makes its way through the tea plantations

A Tamil family who works in the tea fields

Drinking tea where they make tea...

The fog creeps over the hills

Early morning fog creeps over the surrounding mountains before sunrise

A single man picks grass for a roof on a steep hill covered in tea

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