Monday, May 28, 2007

Bombay Part Deux

Kiran, Deep, Me, and Niamh at Enigma

Enigma - 2am

Niamh and Kiran on the way to Enigma

Kiran and I pose like pro cricketers

Midnight cricket in the Mumbai office

Me and Niamh in our fiat taxi at the Google Mumbai office

At the infamous giant shoe at Hanging Gardens

A woman enjoys a converstion while holding her goods on her head near Mahalakshmi

Niamh and I display our flowers from Mahalakshmi temple

Kids try to sell us the Google Story while we wait at a stop light in the taxi

Niamh with a family who asked us to take their picture to show them

Bombay laundry - not sure how they're going to do laundry when monsoons come next week

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