Friday, May 18, 2007

Breaking News in Hyderabad

At 1:30 today a bomb went off at the Mecca Masjid in Charminar during Friday prayers. Police have closed the old city until the situation can be contained. Traffic is being diverted around the old city. 5 people are confirmed dead and 15-20 people were injured. None of this information has apparently reached the media yet, since I can't find any news reports online. It is unreal to be somewhere where this is a reality. I have been to Charminar on a Friday afternoon. We are all safe on the other side of the city, working as usual. To keep things in perspective, more people were killed a month ago when a billboard fell on an ice cream shop during a storm, although I don't think that thought is particularly comforting....

In the meantime, I have canceled my plans to go to Amritsar this weekend. Today riots and looting broke out due to a political situation there, and students are apparently wandering the streets with swords. It is a bad mix of modern and medieval. Top priority is to stay safe - don't worry, I won't be doing anything stupid.

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