Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Monsoons in April

The storm has passed, everyone has gone back to work, even though lightening is still across the sky. The streets have cleared in a shockingly short amount of time - within minutes of the rain stopping the water cleared to puddles on the sides of the road, rather than a torrent through the middle. I guess dirt can absorb water a lot better than pavement can, especially when the streets are designed to not need storm drains (don't know how they did that...). The weather has started back up again, but its still pleasant in the mid-80's for now, not like Richmond where it would immediately be back up to 90 and you could watch the water absorb into the air. Surprisingly its not too humid either, similar to Hawaii. Throughout the storm big bangs have accompanied the thunder - some sort of power bursts as power goes out around the city. Luckily we have a generator for our complex or I think we'd only have power once a week.

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