Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hyderabad, Haggling, and Henna - Oh My

On Tuesday night I went shopping with Rupa to get jewelry for my saree, and I ended up bargaining for 2 hours. We stopped for dinner at a place called ‘shoppers stop’ which had just remodeled their restaurant and we happened to show up on their first day of business. There were about 20 people waiting to eagerly serve us, and we disappointed them mightily when we asked for a few small things to go.

Yesterday Parveen came over and did henna on my hands and feet. It looked like she was icing a cake. It will last about a week and I had to sit with it drying for 3 hours. She also brought my sarees and I tried them on – they’re amazing, but they need to be altered because the blouses are too small. I’ll take lots of pictures before the wedding on Sunday when I have the whole outfit ready.

Monsoons continue out of season. I awoke to ground shaking thunder and pouring rain, but it cleared up by mid-morning. The weather this morning was actually cool - in the low 70s. Everyone is just hoping that monsoons will come at their normal time too.

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