Friday, September 28, 2007

Full Indian Dinner

Yummy Indian Desserts

After using every utensil in my kitchen, we had to resort to some creative measures for dessert, such as:

Lexi and Annie - measuring spoon and chopsticks

Paula - butterknife = spoon

Yev - measuring spoon

Abe - Fondue fork

Linnea - Chopsticks

Resorting to more creative measures - my american kitchen lacked a chai strainer, so tissue served as a creative substitute - mmmmmmmmmmmm

Chowing Down on Indian Dinner

More creative cooking - Padma cuts a potato with scissors

Hayley, Me, and Padma with our full Indian dinner from scratch

Abe took charge to make the Pooris

The table - mid cooking, with tubs of spices

Hayley chops onions

Padma chops something

Our first victim/guest - Brent arrived early and got assigned to onion duty - lucky for him, we had some "safety goggles" for him ;) He gets a shout out for being such a good sport!

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